Tuesday, 11 October 2016

"मंज़िल यहीं है" (Manzil Yahin Hai) - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

Cover Photo: Manzil Yahin Hai - A Poem by Ronak Sawant

रास्ता कठिन है,
लेकिन नामुमकिन नहीं।

भटकना तो तय है,
लेकिन घूम जाना नहीं।

दुःख तो हर पल है,
लेकिन दिल कमजोर नहीं।

ज़िंदगी पैसों में समाई है,
लेकिन ख़ुशी नहीं।

डरता क्यों है मुसाफिर,
मंज़िल यहीं है।

- रोनक सावंत


"Manzil Yahin Hai"

Raasta kathin hai,
Lekin namumkin nahi.

Bhatakna toh tay hai,
Lekin ghoom jana nahi.

Dukh toh har pal hai,
Lekin dil kamzor nahi.

Zindagi paiso mein samaayi hai,
Lekin khushi nahi.

Darta kyun hai musafir,
Manzil yahin hai.

- Ronak Sawant

Author - Ronak Sawant

Ronak Sawant is an Indian artist, dancer, poet, writer, street photographer and humanitarian. He is the life explorer, urban monk and a free bird that uses his art, wisdom and life’s journey to inspire people and make a change in the world.

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  1. A poignant and a nice poetry.The thing was I had a time translating it.anyways congrats for your future blog pursuit..


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